xSkrape for Excel Add-in (Web)

The xSkrape for Excel task pane is the hub for adding, editing and deleting data connectors. Available data connectors include:

Data returned from the URL address (could be HTML, JSON, CSV, etc.) is queried for a specific scalar (single) value and returned by the function into an Excel cell (or cells, where a range is used).
A combination of WebGetTable and WebGetSingle: locate tabular data and apply an aggregation function (minimum, maximum, average, first, etc.) over the data, returning a scalar value.
Data returned from the URL address is searched for tabular data; if there are multiple possible tabular results, an optional parameter can be used to define criteria by which the exact table of interest is isolated. Data is returned as a two-dimensional array which translates into one or more Excel rows and columns.
The messaging connector lets you specify the source for message text (either fixed text or from the workbook), one or more recipients, and other required parameters.

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