What We Do

We are an Independent Software Vendor that specializes in (but not exclusive to) Microsoft technologies. We do focus exclusively on product development, although we also offer training on our products (contact us at

Who We Are

With years of industry experience, we've seen the good, bad and downright ugly when it comes to application development. From our successes, we've learned and are dedicated to solving problems in creative ways. In addition to spending lots of time working on things like SQL-Hero®, we believe in contributing to the development community: talks, papers and videos. (Some examples are can be found on this site.)

Check back often: we'll post upcoming events, new whitepapers and videos - not all of which are SQL-Hero related. In fact, a strong academic focus compels us to think big in the world of Computer Science / Business Information Systems.

Contact Us

We're available to discuss specific questions or problems you may have related directly or indirectly to SQL-Hero including SQL Server, data architecture, .NET development, etc. We proudly hold up the capabilities of SQL-Hero as an example of our knowledge in these spaces and although we don't necessarily focus on services, we can discuss opportunities to help you, be it through consulting or training.