xSkrape for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

xSkrape for SSIS offers SQL developers access to some new tasks and pipeline components which do simple yet powerful things. In fact we include xSkrape functionality as only one specific type of SSIS component: others are available that expose other types of SQL-Hero functionality such as the template engine, as used by code generation. In particular, it includes:

  • Dynamic Data Parser Task - Bulk import data from external sources that xSkrape can deal with (could be HTML, JSON, CSV, etc.), directly to tables.
  • Dynamic Data Parser Source - Similar to the Parser Task except data is fed in as a data source.

Other non-xSkrape components we offer include:

  • Parallel Template Transform - Runs a SQL-Hero template for every row of the source (optionally, in parallel).
  • Merge Dataflow Target - Intelligently merge source data from a data flow into a table target.
  • Smart Merge Task - Merge source data from a query to a table target.
  • SQL-Hero Command Task - SQL-Hero command-line tool (SHCommand.exe) execution task. (All functionality of SHCommand.exe can be leveraged by the task.)
  • SQL-Hero SQL Execution Task - SQL-Hero SQL execution task (supports specialized mark-up that's part of SQL-Hero).
  • SQL-Hero Template Data Source - Executes a SQL-Hero template, accessing its tabular output as a data source.
  • SQL-Hero Template Task - Executes a SQL-Hero template, with output being executed as SQL or saved to file.
  • E-Mail Watcher Source - Polls for incoming emails using POP3, turning the messages (and attachments) into data flow (source).

What are the benefits of using xSkrape for SSIS?

In some cases, live data isn't as important as landing data to process, with some degree of latency. The xSkrape SSIS tasks fit this bill, leveraging the power of the xSkrape parser right within a SSIS package. We have examples of how this technology can solve real problems.

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