xSkrape for Excel Add-in

There are two different xSkrape Excel add-ins: for Excel "Web" and Excel Desktop. Both share similar functionality but have some important differences:

Online / Cloud Desktop
  • Task pane stores one or more data connections in your worksheets
  • Data imported on demand
  • Using absolute and/or relative cell references, able to build dynamic queries like you can using the Desktop add-in
  • Worksheets that have xSkrape data connections can work from any Excel client (can only refresh where Online add-in is available)
  • Can send SMS / EMails from within worksheets, using worksheet-generated content
  • Pricing: credit-based system that reflects cloud resource usage (less than a penny per credit)
  • xSkrape web site: ability to track usage and more
  • Can link multiple users to one web site account, sharing credit usage
  • New functions added to existing Excel functions
  • Recalculation (data refresh) controlled by Excel recalcuation settings/rules
  • Worksheets with xSkrape functions will only work where xSkrape add-in is installed
  • Page Explorer tool helps you go from the data you're expecting to get ultimately to a definition of how to get it
  • Pricing: one-time cost per product version (no requirement to upgrade)

Both Product Versions Share...

  • Similar syntax and concepts across all technologies (even SQL Server)
  • Similar functionality that includes ability to merge multiple tabular results
  • Enhancements in the "base" (e.g. query syntax) automatically appear in all versions

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