Product: xSkrape for Excel Add-in (Desktop)

xSkrape for Excel has a single license type so there's no need for a feature matrix. There are two main "features" of xSkrape for Excel:

  • Page Explorer tool
  • New Excel functions: WebGetSingle, WebGetMultiple, WebGetTable, WebGetDynamicTable, WebGetSingleFromTable

Product: xSkrape for Excel Add-in (Web)

xSkrape for Excel (Web) has comparable functionality with the Excel Desktop Add-in, but is implemented in a task pane. It is technically free, but it uses our server resources which are charged for on a credit-based system. The portal is where you can manage your xSkrape web account.

Product: xSkrape for SQL Server

xSkrape for SQL Server is bundled inside the SQL-Hero product and includes these features:

  • Page Explorer tool (standalone program)
  • Script Generator tool (standalone program)
  • New SQL CLR functions: WebGetSingle, WebGetTable, WebGetSingleFromTable

Product: xSkrape for SSIS

xSkrape for SSIS is bundled inside the SQL-Hero product and includes SSIS components available for SQL Server 2012+. These include:

  • Dynamic Data Import task
  • Dynamic Data Import data source

Product: SQL-Hero

Feature Lite Edition
Developer Edition
Advanced Edition
Enterprise Edition
$4499 (+$2499/yr)5
SQL Editor, Schema Compare, Data Compare, "Local" Monitoring / Tracing X X X X
History Tracking X1 X1 X X
User-Defined Properties X1 X1 X X
Notifications / Alerts / Triggers X1 X1 X X
Unit and Performance Testing Support X1 X1 X X
Trace Reporting and Analysis X1 X1 X X
xSkrape for Excel Add-in X X X
xSkrape for SQL Server X3 X4 X
Visual Studio Integration X X X
Data Generation, Unit Testing & Policy Tools X X X
SSIS Components Tool-kit (including xSkrape for SSIS) X6 X X
Code Generation Projects / MSBuild Support X1 X X
Command-line Tool Support X X X
Central Repository / Services X X
Performance daggor Data Warehouse X X
Unlimited Upgrade Path X
Priority Support (phone) X
Source Code X2
1 – with at least one instance of the Central Repository (Advanced or Enterprise Edition) installed and running within your organization
2 – with enrollment in "Complete Code Coverage" program (conditions and extra cost apply - contact us)
3 – each Developer Edition license includes a CAL (client access license), allowing an additional machine to use xSkrape for SQL Server; at least one Advanced or Enterprise Edition license is still required to host xSkrape for SQL Server services
4 – an Advanced Edition license includes 2 free CAL's, plus free access from the machine your SQL-Hero Web Services are installed on
5 - total cost for Enterprise Edition is $6998, with renewal costs per year at $2499 (64% discount)
6 - some components require at least one instance of the Central Repository (Advanced or Enterprise Edition) installed and running within your organization

SQL-Hero: Central Repository

The feature matrix mentions the "Central Repository" - what exactly is this? It's a combination of web services and a SQL Server database that work together to provide services that let SQL-Hero record shared information that can be used by your entire development team. This includes persisting data related to: monitoring, tracing, change history, and others. Without installing the Central Repository, some features such as monitoring can still let you run health queries and see current activity for example, but you won't have a way to save this and run reports that rely on historical information. We make installing the Central Repository an option from the main SQL-Hero installer and in most situations, you'd only need one installation per organization (along with Developer or Lite edition licenses for "client tool" access). The features that rely on the Central Repository include (but not limited to):

  • Object change tracking
  • User-defined properties (as used by code generation, unit testing, etc.)
  • Notifications
  • Unit / performance testing
  • Monitoring history
  • Tracing history
  • Performance data warehouse
  • SQL-Hero Web Portal
  • xSkrape for SQL Server

Product Licensing (General)

Regardless of the product you're interested in, we license products per machine. You'll be entitled to one major update for every license purchased as well, with a discount if you purchase a new license for the next unpaid version. Enterprise edition customers are unlimited for all products, and with an unexpired upgrade subscription are entitled to upgrade at a significant discount over list price. Everyone gets email and feedback support. Keep in mind, fixes are only ever applied on a forward-version basis, so although we hope you'll upgrade for cool new functionality added over time, you might need to upgrade if there's a fix you really, really need, outside your normal one major upgrade cycle.

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